Planetary Gearboxes

The SITI NRG planetary gearbox is available in 7 sizes in rugged ductile iron housing. It is can be configured inline or right angle, foot mounted or shaft mounted. It uses standard IEC B5 motors, has oversized bearings, and uses Oldham style couplings to connect sun gears.


NRG Series

The NRG Planetary is the answer to severe duty, high shock load applications. Its rugged, high strength design, combines high performance, and compact size, while providing excellent value and reliability. The NRG’s flexible modular design allows quick, dependable, delivery of in-line or right-angle planetary gearboxes, in a variety of male and female shaft configurations.  

Image of a planetary gearboxImage of a planetary gearbox Image of a planetary gearbox


  • Compact & Light Weight
  • High Shock Load
  • Long Bearing Life
  • Interchangeable
  • High Ratios
  • Flexible Design


  • 7 Sizes
  • Inline & Right Angle Inputs
  • Shaft Mount or Solid Shaft
  • Foot or Flange Mount


  • Input Power = 1-50 HP
  • Output Torque = 4,500 – 221,000 lb. inch
  • Ratios = 3.5:1 – 20,000:1


  • Shredders
  • Water Treatment
  • Forest Products
  • Material Handling
  • Pumps
  • Crane & Hoist

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